Do you go to a karaoke bar? Do you plan on going to a karaoke bar? Do you want to judge your friends who go to karaoke bars? Here are a few rules to help you navigate the path of the karaoke singer with grace and ease, and avoid pissing people off when you perform or watch.

Image credit: Luke Ford, via Wikimedia Commons, CC-BY-SA 2.5 Generic

  1. Listening
    1. Applaud for the singers.rationale
  2. Requesting Songs
    1. Don't know how to request songs at a particular venue? Ask the KJ.anecdote
    2. Know the rhythm and cadence of the songs you request.rationale
    3. Know, before requesting a song, whether it is in the book.rationale
    4. Request only one song at a time.
    5. Don't block others from requesting songs.
    6. Don't request very long songs.
  3. Waiting for Your Song
    1. Pay attention to the KJ's instructions.
    2. Do not leave the area if you are next.
  4. Singing
    1. Know how to improvise.
    2. Don't take a microphone and sing without unambiguous prior consent from the person singing.
    3. Sing on the stage for at least part of your performance.
    4. Don't leave your drinks on the stage, they do not belong there.
    5. Don't leave the microphone on the stage floor - there is probably a place for it.
  5. Staff Relations
    1. Tip the KJ.
    2. Tip the bartenders.
    3. Don't be belligerent with the KJ.