Who is doling out these rules? Who believes himself to be so grandiose, so epicly fair and reasonable, so royally superior to us all, that he may dispense rules for us to follow? Who is that egotistical?

My name is Mark Holmquist. I'm a software engineer at the Wikimedia Foundation. I spent nearly three years living in San Francisco, where I kindled a love for several of the local karaoke bars, and bars which had karaoke events. I have logged several hundred, if not several thousand, hours in karaoke events, and I have witnessed the implementation of several different systems for administration of karaoke. I have even been a KJ on a few occasions.

I don't pretend to be the boss of you, nor do I expect you to follow my rules all the time. Sometimes, we make mistakes. Sometimes, they're justified. Sometimes, even I make a mistake, and I write a rule I shouldn't, or make a typo. This guide is a group effort, and if you think there's something wrong with it, email me and suggest a change.

Thank you for reading this site, and happy singing!